International road freight is the most on-demand type of transportation of the logistics company Abitra. Our company renders cargo transportation services in all directions. Road freight is the main type of delivery of goods to different regions of Russia, as well as to the countries of the CIS and the Baltic States.

We carry out international road freight of both full and partial loads in regular mode, as this service is in great demand among our customers. In particular, partial cargo carriage to Moscow and St. Petersburg is carried out 2-4 times a week with the possibility to vary the schedule of transportation at customer's request.

UAB „Abitra“ organizes transportation of goods up to 7.5t. We provide cargo transportation services throughout our country. Currently, we can offer 8 freight minibuses from 1t to 3t and 7 lift trucks up to 8t. We pack and load goods when needed. We carry various cargo: pallets, boxes, non-standard sizes, etc. We transport construction waste from construction sites.

The advantage of air transportation of international cargo is its speed: it is the fastest, most simple and convenient way of delivery. Urgent delivery of cargo may be in demand both from private individuals and companies, retail chains or other structures where a minor overpayment for the speed of delivery of cargo to Russia will bring more benefits than the forced delay.

Logistics company Abitra has professional specialists and contractual relations with international carriers - we have formed an ideal operating system of air transportation of cargo from abroad. Abitra has reliable partnership relations with the world's largest airlines and can guarantee the delivery of cargo in the shortest possible time.

Maritime transport is one of the safest and most common types of transportation. To date, sea freight serves up to 80 per cent of international trade despite the fact that sea freight takes longer than freight transportation by Road. Sea freight has a number of advantages compared to continental transportation. This is one of the cheapest modes of transport for the carriage of cargo over long distances.

Together with reliable partners worldwide, Abitra carries out container transportation to the seaports of Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Helsinki from any country in the regions of Eastern, Southeast, South Asia, Middle East, South Africa, the USA, Canada, South America and Australia.

We are sure that terminal-storage services are one of the most important components of the logistics process aiming to ensure accurate accounting of your goods, reliable protection and timely delivery of cargo to the right address.

Abitra rents modern complexes of storehouses, which are located in Vilnius at the address: V.A. Graičiūno Street 34, Vilnius, Lithuania. (35,000 m2), and responsible storage warehouses in Moscow (20,000 m2) and in St. Petersburg (15,000 m2), in which all types of cargo can be stored. The premises are heated, and stowage of client's cargo is simplified thanks to a modern convenient racking system.

Abitra has a professional approach to solving any issues regarding customs procedures. We aim at saving your time, accuracy and efficiency in organizing the process of customs clearance.

We are always ready to offer the best solution of customs procedures to our partners and clients - the company has partnership relations with the largest Russian customs brokers and a team of professionals.

We provide services for the purchase of goods on your behalf, arranging the payment, transportation and overtaking customs services.

FEA (Foreign Economic Activity) Outsourcing is a service that allows you to transfer non-core functions of your company (in this case, logistics and foreign economic activity) for service to another company specializing in this field.

We carry out road freight in Russia and the CIS. Abitra is the operator of successful logistics solutions that provides road transportation of cargo across the territory of the Russian Federation both as a separate service and as the continuation of international freight. We arrange the delivery of cargo from the point of customs procedures to the address indicated by the client.

When choosing a partner - a carrier, we consider not only economic benefits, but also the quality of shipment that we can provide.

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